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 So here?! What do you do here?!

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So here?! What do you do here?! Empty
PostSubject: So here?! What do you do here?!   So here?! What do you do here?! I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 1:55 pm

A Virtuoso! Woooow fancy schmancy! No but really, you're pretty advanced and you've got quite a bit of expierence under your wing. Now, this DOESN'T mean that you're better than anyone else, and if you try to act like you are, you'll be kicked off this site so fast your head will spin...just making that clear.

Rules in Virtuoso:

General RP area rules
1. It's PG-13 in here, okay? A little violence, death, romance, innuendo and light sexual acts/nudity is okay in here. Anything beyond PG-13 I'm going to have to ask you to take it on PMs. Brutal torture, rape, blood and gore, graphic blood and gore, and graphic descriptions of sexual acts and nudity is not okay. -.- and if a mod confronts you about it, don't say "Well I didn't know." 'Cause there are rules, it's not our fault if you weren't assed enough to read them.

2. Common sense, okay? No l33t speak in here. In the chat it's annoying so prepare to get yelled at by the other players in the site, but absolutely none in the roleplay. "You" instead of "U". It's not just a rule, it's common courtesy. If you're not sure of how to spell a word that's different.

3. Posts in this area should be a large paragraph, 10 sentences or more. Remember that it's quality over quantity, and that your posts should develop your character or the plot.

4. God-modding is dumb. (See dictionary for definitions) I could rant about HOW stupid god-modding is, but I'll just say it's dumb and leave it at that.

5. The thread author makes the rules. Sure the Admins and I completely and totally RULE THIS SITE, thread authors (people who make the RP) own their thread and enforce their rules, now this isn't saying they can't make rules for their RP that go against the rules of the site, but they make rules for their RP. If you don't like their rules, go make an RP of your own. These rules only apply to THEIR thread.

6. Absolutely no chatting, that's what the chatbox is for. Roleplaying only.

7. Seriously...godmodding is fucking dumb.

Virtuoso RP Idea area
8. RP ideas just come to you! Don't sweat it if you can't think of anything but DON'T steal anyone elses idea without giving them credit, it's just plain wrong.

9. This is the roleplaying idea section, so if you have an idea for a roleplay you put it here and elaborate on it.

10. All RP ideas go here for Mediates, 1x1 and all.

Virtuoso RP O.O.C. area
11. In there, you post your characters for your roleplays. It usually involves a character skeleton, including name, bio, race, age, etc. Sometimes there are pics, but sometimes there aren't.

Virtuoso 1x1 area
12. This is for RPs that are just you and another person. This doesn't mean that it's going to be like BOW-CHICKA-OW-OW kind of RP...perverts.
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So here?! What do you do here?!
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