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 How it started out was...

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How it started out was... Empty
PostSubject: How it started out was...   How it started out was... I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 3:12 am

This did start out as an english assignment for class, but Rae and I are thinking about devloping it into a story Smile Let me know what you guys think.

The deafening sound of her heart beat was all that was audible at that moment. Vin held the gun to the temple of her cracked skull, and all he had to do was pull the trigger. At that moment, she could feel, see, hear, smell, and taste everything around her, as if everything was one. She could feel the evil pulsing off of Vince’s sneering face. She could see the vein on the left of his neck pulsing frighteningly fast, as if it could burst any second (and what luck that would be.). She could smell the hatred coming off of his body. Hatred and…fear. She smelled fear off of him as well as she could smell the dirt whenever she would help her mother garden. It was oozing off of him tenuously, like a large snake ready to strike at will. And strike it did, directly at her. Time had completely frozen, moments before her death, and her imagination ran wild of what could’ve been for her and Rae. She glanced over at the lifeless shell of Rae’s body and closed her eyes, letting her mind go free.

She immediately saw the sun, and felt its warmth licking her skin. She didn’t dare open her eyes, just in case she didn’t like what she saw. So instead, she laid her head back into what felt like a soft patch of dirt and sat and listened. She was still alive, for she could still hear her racing heart in the background to the sounds of nature. She heard the sharp call of a bird, and the low, mournful croak of a frog. She stretched her arms out and relaxed even deeper. She sat up and quickly opened her eyes, then gasped at what she saw.

She was completely surrounded by nature. Tall, reaching trees with thick trunks, a nearby river could be heard clearly. Everything around her seemed to breathe all at the same time. She stood up and took one tentative step forward, then another. She finally burst and full speed toward the river and jumped in. The water was briskly cold, then it felt like the perfect temperature. “So you finally made it?” Eve turned her head and saw Rae wading in the water right beside her.

“Wh…Rae…how? Where are we?!”

“I don’t know hun, but if this is hell, I don’t want to go to heaven.” Rae smiled brightly and laughed loudly “Come on, there’s so much to do here!” Rae climbed out of the river and Eve quickly followed suit, lapping at her heels like a dog.

“How long have you been here?”

“You know…I really don’t know. It feels like such a short time…” Rae tilted her head and stopped in her tracks “There really isn’t a way of keeping time here. Not that it’s really relevant.”

Eve stopped “Why wouldn’t it be relevant?”

“Nothing matters here! Only that we get to relax and be happy.” Rae grabbed Eve’s hand and pulled her out of the forest. Right outside the forest, there was a giant golden meadow that stretched all the way to the horizon.

“Woah…” Eve took a few timid steps out into the tall grass, but Rae dropped Eve’s hand and took off.

“Catch me if you can!” Rae’s long legs easily beat through the tall grass that seemed to both terrify and excite Eve at the same time. Eve finally breathed in deeply and ran right after Rae screaming and laughing like a maniac. When she finally caught up to her, she tackled her onto the ground.

“Looks like I got you.”

“Hah! Only ‘cause I let you, like always.” Rae lay beside Eve looking up beyond the tall grass into the sky and playfully punched her in the arm.

Eve suddenly became reaware of the pounding that was the background to her dream “Do you hear that?”

Rae lazily grabbed a piece of the tall, golden grass and stuck it into her mouth “Hear what?”

The pounding became louder, more erratic “That!”

Rae rolled her eyes and chewed on the grass “You’re crazy. Just relax.”

A loud bang sounded off in the distance and Eve shot up “What was that?!”

Rae pulled her back down onto the ground and patted her arm “Relax,” She insisted again “it was probably just a tree falling.”

Eve finally heard the pounding stop, settled down, and relaxed after Rae’s words “Hey! It stopped!”

Rae smiled and smirked in her usual cocky way “Told you you’re crazy.”

“The strangest thing, I can’t even remember how I got here. Can you?”

Silence greeted her.

“Rae?” She looked over to her left, where Rae was laying and saw nothing. She gasped and tried to sit up but the ground began pulling her downwards “No! No! Stop!” She slowly became completely engulfed into the ground.

Eve’s body slowly slumped against the dirty motel wall as blood slowly trickled down the side of her head. Her eyes were wide open and frozen with fear, but on the edges of her mouth, a small smile seemed to invade the fear that was forever plastered onto her lifeless face.

I since there's something in the wind...
That feels like tragedy's at hand...
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How it started out was...
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