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 Untitled~~ (AKA, I went to sleep last night before Rae and I could settle on a name)

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PostSubject: Untitled~~ (AKA, I went to sleep last night before Rae and I could settle on a name)   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:41 am

WHACK “Where is it?!”
I received another blow to my head from the pistol. I slowly closed her eyes and shook my head. “I-I really don’t know Rae, I swear, please!” This was it for me. I tried, in vain, to prop myself up on my elbow, but was immediately yanked back down by gravity. My head felt as light as a cloud, and the rest of my body felt numb from all of the beatings I'd received that night. I could only imagine what I looked like, beaten, bleeding and bruised on the dirty floor of the cheap motel that Vin had told us to meet him at.
Rae hit me again with even more force “Tell me! Don’t you get he’ll kill us both!?” She was becoming hysterical, and I could see it. Her clothes were falling off her thin, drug abused body, and her brown curly locks were fraying out of control. She began to lose her patience, and with each word she struck me once more “Give. Me. What. I. Need!” I tried to sputter out a few apologetic words, but coughed out blood instead. This simple gesture threw Rae into a murderous rage, and she grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and threw me against a wall. “You dumb, dumb b—“
Before she could even finish her sentence, Vin finally came into the room. He calmly closed the door and dead bolted the door behind him. Rae twitched her way over him and gave him her biggest yellow grin “Vince, baby, I was just--“
Rae let out a yelp as he backhanded her. She fell to the ground and scrambled away as far as she could into a corner. He then advanced on me, who, at this point, was half dead, leaning against a wall. When Vin came close I whimpered, and my eyes welled with tears, fearing what came next.
He got close enough to me that I could smell the tobacco in his mouth, and the aftershave on his face. He stroked my hair slowly and spoke in slow, rumbling tones “Evie…” A tear rolled down my cheek and he brought his other hand up to wipe it away, then grabbed my mouth, his thumb and fingers on either cheek “You messed up, Eve. You and I both know it. Now tell me where the hell did you stash my income.”

I since there's something in the wind...
That feels like tragedy's at hand...
and thought I'd like to stand by him...
can't shake this feeling that I have...
The worst is just around the bend...
blue]I'm a proud 16 year old african-american,
bisexual, wiccan, and if you
have a problem with that,
don't bother speaking to me.

Goodnight sleep tight
no more tears.
Goodnight morning
I'll be here
We say
Goodnight, dry your eyes
'Cause when we say goodnight
it's not goodbye. We say goodnight
it's not goodbye.

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PostSubject: Re: Untitled~~ (AKA, I went to sleep last night before Rae and I could settle on a name)   Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:38 pm

I can't believe she would do this. She can't do this to me. I hit her hard with the end of the pistol, "WHERE IS IT?!?!" I scream at Eve. She's clearly in pain I can see that but I need that stash. Looking past all the blood and bruises on Eve's face I knelt down in front of her, "Tell me. Don't you get he'll kill us both!?" I've lost my mind, not that I didn't lose it long before this. I was desperate. My life depended on this stash. Did she not fucking get it!?!? "Give. me. what. I. need!" I hit her with each word, beating the answer out of her. This was the only way. "You dumb, dumb b-!" I shouted as I threw her against the wall. I let her slump to the floor as Vin walked in, "Vince, baby I was just-" his backhand sent me to the floor like a sack of flour. I crawled into the corner, farthest away from him. I heard him talking softly to Eve. This was it, she had to tell him. If she didn't this was the end. For both of us. I felt my body going crazy with the need for my fix. I ran my fingers through my hair and could feel the grime. I've never been more scared than right now. I can feel myself trembling and any outsider could see it. I put my hands over my face and feel the sharpness of my cheekbones. How could I let myself get like this? I never envisioned this as my life. I can hear Vin's footsteps coming closer. I look up at him and see the barrel of his gun. I close my eyes, knowing this is it. What happens next I can't even explain. There's no pain as I would have expected. I open my eyes and what I see astounds me. I surrounded by a world that even the best trip could never produce. I wait patiently knowing full well that Eve will be here soon. It inevitable, I know she's coming.

And up until now,
I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness.
'Cause none of it
was ever worth the risk.

Well, you are the only exception.
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Untitled~~ (AKA, I went to sleep last night before Rae and I could settle on a name)
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