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 Love at War

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PostSubject: Love at War   Love at War I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 11:37 pm

In a city lies two opposing factions who fight for leadership of the city. The leaders of the factions end up fighting and realizing their feelings for each other. Leader 1 is a man with a dark past, he is lanky, wild, and rebellious. Leader 2 is a young woman who is a pampered aristocrat who lost her parents in a previous war. She is capable to leading a group of soldiers to war. (You guys can think of names for them).

Support characters include a numbskull guy that is the best friend of the male leader. He think he is smart but tends to be a birdbrain with a huge heart. The female leader has a maid who has been taking care of her ever since she was a child. She is practically a mother to her.

The realize that the fight is pointless, but soon after finding out that they seek peace, some of their faction members defect and tries to prevent them from achieving peace.

I feel that it is more fun if people make names for the characters. Feel free to create additional characters for the story too. Everyone can join! Very Happy
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Love at War
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