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 Screenplay for Creative Writing :3

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PostSubject: Screenplay for Creative Writing :3   Screenplay for Creative Writing :3 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 4:30 am

Christopher—6’2, 250 pounds, policeman and volunteer firefighter. He has pitch black hair that’s always slicked back with piercing green eyes, and a goatee. His eyes are small and sharp, and he has a well-defined nose and chin, with a large mouth. In this scene, he’s wearing his policeman’s uniform

Anna-Lynn—5’1, 130 pounds, the owner of “Hugs and Quiches” Catering company. She has bright red hair and big soft brown eyes. She’s slightly overweight and has a round body. Her mouth is wide and usually smiling, but aside from her eyes, all the rest of her facial features are generally small. In this scene, she’s wearing a bright yellow apron and white lace lining. She’s also wearing a hot pink t-shirt and a pair of blue-jeans.

The Conflict is that Christopher is an abusive husband, who told Anna-Lynn that she had to lose weight, but she’s baking a pie.
Interior-- Kitchen
(Baking in the kitchen in anticipation of her husband coming home and humming)

(Enters the house and makes his way into the kitchen, his eyes ablaze)

(Turns around, holding her wooden mixing spoon in one hand, and a glass bowl in the other. She smiles when she sees him and holds her spoon out to him.)
Welcome home hun!
(She smiled as she gestured to the mix of pecan, eggs, and brown sugar in the bowl)
I’m making a sweetie pie
(She turns her back to him and begins pouring the mixture into a homemade pie crust, scooping it out with the spoon.)
For my Sweetie Pie!
(She sets the spoon back into the bowl, then grabs the almost-pie and sets it into the pre-heated oven for about an hour)
I missed you today!
(She walks over to him and hops onto her tippy-toes, kisses him softly on the tip of his nose, then turns to the mixing bowl opposite him on the counter, and grabs the wooden spoon.)
Wanna lick?!
(Exhales slowly and grabs Anna-Lynn’s wrist, his eyes narrowed into tiny slits)
Get that filth…away from me.
(She looks up at him, wide-eyed and fearful)
(He grips her wrist tighter, making it bruise easily)
I thought I said last night that we, i.e. you, are going on a diet. Because you need to lose weight if you’re going to fit into the dress I got you for the Policeman’s Ball.
(Tears spring up into her eyes from the pain of him grabbing her so forcefully)
P-Policeman’s Ball. Right. I must have just forgotten. I’m sorry I-I-I’ll get rid of it right—
(Closes his eyes, and uses his free hand to rub his forehead)
You forgot? You forgot?! You forgot that I wanted you to actually look presentable for my peers and my friends, at one of the most important events of the year for me?! Are you an idiot?!
(Tears come streaming down her face at this point, and she shakes her head fervently)
No, no, no it just slipped my mind. Chris, baby, please—
(He Raises his voice at this point, and throws his free hand down against the counter, balled in a fist)
Don’t you “Baby” me, you fat slob! What, you think you’ll just mumble your way through the night and hope no one else talks to you, so you’ll have an excuse to stay near the buffet all night and stuff your face?!
(He shakes her wrist now, so hard that he makes her drop the wooden spoon, which clacked loudly as it hit the ground)
(They both stare at it for a few seconds, the sound echoing in their heads)
(Christopher speaks so quietly that it’s almost a whisper)
Pick it up.
(Anna-Lynn hesitates and it infuriates him even more, and he begins yelling)
I. Said. Pick. It. Up. NOW.
(Bends down to the best of her abilities and winces as he grips even tighter onto her wrist, her skin twisting as she reached for the spoon)
You can’t even reach it, can you?! You can’t even reach it, you dumb, fat bitch.
(He pushes her down onto the floor and points to the spoon)
Hand it over! Hand it the hell over!
(She continues to sob as she slowly hands him the spoon. She tries her hardest to ignore the throbbing pain in her limp, bruised wrist.)
P-please. Chris. I made a mistake.
(At this point, he’s screaming at the top of his lungs)
Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Get off the ground!
(She slowly got off the ground and stands still, looking fearfully at her husband, and almost shaking with fear)
(He quickly slaps her across the face then hits her multiple times with the wooden spoon across the head)
Is it worth it now, fat ass?!
(She falls against the counter after the first blow, then falls to the ground after the third, she lets out a low gurgling sound)
(Kicks her once while she’s on the ground, and hits her one final time)
(Closes her eyes, lets out a final gurgling sound and slowly begins to fade away)

The oven begins to beep loudly, signaling the pie was done, as Christopher throws the spoon down onto the blood spattered floor, and Anna-Lynn takes her final breath.

I since there's something in the wind...
That feels like tragedy's at hand...
and thought I'd like to stand by him...
can't shake this feeling that I have...
The worst is just around the bend...
blue]I'm a proud 16 year old african-american,
bisexual, wiccan, and if you
have a problem with that,
don't bother speaking to me.

Goodnight sleep tight
no more tears.
Goodnight morning
I'll be here
We say
Goodnight, dry your eyes
'Cause when we say goodnight
it's not goodbye. We say goodnight
it's not goodbye.
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Screenplay for Creative Writing :3
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