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 New beginning :)

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New beginning :) Empty
PostSubject: New beginning :)   New beginning :) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2012 2:57 am

“It seems like it’s the same every night. I tell my mom I love her, then I got upstairs to my room and kiss my dad’s picture goodnight, then go to sleep. Every night, I have the same dream. I’ll be in my house, but everything is dark, and even though all the furniture would be there, it’d be empty, somehow. The chair near the front door, the picture above it, and everything from the plush couch to the big wall bookcase would be there. Every time, I hear a voice calling me “Sky! Sky!” My dad’s voice “Skyla!” From upstairs. “Sky, please help me!” Where the only light was. I slowly climb up the steps to my room in the attic, and with each step I can hear his cries more clearly, until finally I reach the string where I pull down my ladder to get in, but each time I get closer I wake up. You guys it’s starting to scare me, it’s like he’s here. I smelled his aftershave last night. This can’t be normal…right?” I finished with a huff.

“Calm down…” My friend Callie said sternly “It’s probably nothing, it’s like—“

“You’re portraying your missing of your father into your dreams. It’s simply just a subconscious crisis, nothing more.” Her twin, Tabby chimed in after her.

Callie smiled “Just what I was thinking, sis. Nice prognosis.” They high fived as I looked at them in disbelief.

“Where do you guys even get this stuff?!” I said my mouth agape.

“While you’re having strange dreams…” Began Callie

“We’re analyzing them.” Finished Tabby with a smirk, mirroring her sister’s.

“Ugh! I never win with you guys! If J. were here, he’d be on my side!” My brows furrowed as I spoke

“It’s your fault that he’s gone.” They both said at the same time.

“Argh!” I threw myself onto my bed as the twins leaped out of the way, while falling into fits of laughter.

Jayson James Johnson (No lie, that’s his real name) is the fourth member of our ragtag group of four, at least until last week when he threw himself at me. I still remember how disgustingly slimy his tongue was. “Sky…” He said “You’re totally the only one for me.” Just disgusting. You figure after 6 years of knowing someone, they’d look at you as if you’re some sort of genderless, featureless blob that they just so happen to be best friends with.

The twins composed themselves and each leaned up on their elbows. I could practically hear them using their weird twin telepathy as I kept my face buried in my colorful bedspread. Finally I spoke up, speaking into the mattress “What?”

Instantly they both sat up all the way. Callie spoke up first. “It’s always been pretty obvious, you know, how he felt.”

Tabby chimed in “We figured you always knew.” I lifted my head and glared at her. “Well come on, he always treated you a whole hell of a lot nicer than he treated us.”
Callie’s face darkened slightly, “That’s true Sky.” She frowned in thought, “Because he was always a giant jerk to us, and come on, we’re hot.”

I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at her, but not daring to disagree. The twins, despite the opinions of the boys at school, were definitely some of the most attractive girls that Skyla has ever known. Both stand at 5’6’’, and have hourglass figures, pale skin, and freckles always hidden by makeup. Both have light brown eyes and high cheekbones. The only differences they have are their hair color, their styles, and their piercings. Callie’s hair is cotton candy pink, cropped in a slightly crude pixie cut. She has a piercing right above the left side of her lip, and tends to dress in a more punk rock style of clothing. While Tabby has cotton candy blue hair, long, usually curled into a flip or put into a high bun or ponytail, and has a piercing opposite her sister, on the right below her lip. She dresses in a retro 50’s kind of style.

Sighing, I threw my head back down and yelled into the mattress, “Thanks for the boat of confidence Callie!” I looked up at them and they glanced at each other and then looked at me quizzically.

Callie began, “You’re joking right?”

Then Tabby joined in, “She has to be.”

“Well obviously she is, right?”

“Right. Right?”


“What is it guys?!” I yelled, thrusting myself up and sitting crisscross on the bed.

“Well it’s just—“Callie began

“Have you looked in a mirror?! Sky, you’re effing gorgeous, no one should need to tell you that.” Tabby burst out.

I smiled shyly “Eh…” and held up my hand, shaking it back and forth in the ‘so-so’ sign. There are times when I feel confident about my looks, but most of the time I just bury myself in makeup and hope I blend in with everyone else. However, my olive skin, red hair and complete heterochromia make it near impossible to do so. My eyes are two different colors. One a bright blue and one a dark green with bright gold flecks in it. My hair is naturally wavy, and has a ridiculous amount of volume. So much so that I barely bother with straightening it most of the time. I smiled and looked down at my hands, then at Callie and Tabby “Oh shut up.” I said quietly to them. “Anyways, we’ve gone way off topic.”

I since there's something in the wind...
That feels like tragedy's at hand...
and thought I'd like to stand by him...
can't shake this feeling that I have...
The worst is just around the bend...
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bisexual, wiccan, and if you
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Goodnight sleep tight
no more tears.
Goodnight morning
I'll be here
We say
Goodnight, dry your eyes
'Cause when we say goodnight
it's not goodbye. We say goodnight
it's not goodbye.
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New beginning :)
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